Making Eyes

ZANZAN is a Maltese word for the feeling of wearing something special for the first time: the thrill of style. We make eyewear that lasts beyond seasons and trends because we believe in ‘buy better, buy less’. And we believe in value for money, so when you buy ZANZANs online - you pay online prices. No middle men. No mark-ups. Just beautiful eyewear at beautiful prices.

All ZANZAN products are designed in our London studio and 100% handmade in the specialist workshops of Valdobbiadene, a small town in the alpine meadows of Northern Italy. Each finished frame is then individually shaped, balanced and hand-polished to make sure the wearer has the feeling of wearing something really special every time they wear their ZANZANs.

Megan Trimble and Gareth Townshend - Founders